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The price and conditions for this Order are satisfactory and are hereby accepted.This quotation on the services named subject to the conditions noted below. All changes are subject to charges whether it be relocations, alterations, additions, or removals. If any work not mentioned becomes necessary, an additional charge shall apply to the customer. All alterations to existing electrical work not touched, will be considered out of contract and Addendum to Contract, for changes will be furnished if requested at additional cost.

Electrical Inspections or permits for work required by the state, municipality, region or political subdivision will be provided by the customer, unless they elect to have Oran’s Electric provide them. A charge for this service does apply. If plans and specifications are prepared for the job, they shall be attached to and become a part of the agreement. Contractor can obtain building permits if requested prior to start of work, but owner will pay for permits, assessments charges by public utilities financing or repaying the cost. Approximate duration of project would be indisputably dependent on future investigation of existing wiring and access to electrical conduits, fittings, services, and other factors not by control. Contractor agrees to start and diligently pursue work through to completion, but shall not be responsible for any delays for any the following reasons: failure of the issuance of all necessary building permits within a reasonable length of time, funding of loans, disbursements of funds into control or escrow, acts of neglect or omission of the owner or owner’s employees or owners agent, acts of God, stormy or inclement weather, strikes, lockouts, boycotts or other labor union activities, extra work ordered by owner, acts of public enemy, riots or civil commotion, inability to secure materials through regular recognize channels, imposition of government priority or allocation materials, Failure of owner to make payments when due, or delays caused by inspection or changes ordered by the inspectors of authorized governmental bodies, or for acts of independent contractors, or other causes beyond contractor’s reasonable control. The contractor may subcontract portions of the work to properly licensed and/or qualified subcontractors.

The manufacturers that Oran’s Electric uses for materials and supplies reserve the right to change specifications and conditions to their materials and warranties. All orders, changes, or cancellations are required in writing. Furthermore, should orders be changed after being placed with our suppliers, any material or labor charges as a result of the change or cancellation will be charged to the customer accordingly. Any Material expressed or implied sold by Oran’s Electric is the sole warranty made by the manufacturer. All labor warrantees are thirty days unless specified otherwise but does not included wear and tear items. All residential and commercial electrical panels have the same (1YPL) 1 year parts and labor.Rewiring warranties are (5YPL).

By approving this proposal for work to be performed, customer agrees to customer acceptance form, policy, and payment terms.

Oran’s Electric shall not be responsible for redesigning nor upgrading any existing work that may be affected by this change. All Changes will be subject to charge, including but not limited to Inspection addendum’s and additions. Customer to provide any scaffolding, lift system, or trenching if necessary and not included in proposed price unless stated above. Work to be performed does not include fixtures, motion sensors, dimmers, installation of kitchen appliances, or new circuits unless stated above. Please note that no patching, painting or other trade will be done by Oran’s Electric and shall be paid by customer if required after electrical work is complete. No liability shall be placed on Oran’s Electric for issues arising from the scope of work.  This proposal after agreement on both parties will become effect and cannot, in any way, be canceled, edited, or forwarded to another party. Deposit or all payments are non-refundable and secures cost of material purchased or ordered for project and time spent. These materials will be owned by contractor until final payments are made. This contract is binding to the full limits and if for any reason need to be reviewed; both parties must agree or electrical contractor’s decision will prevail for the sole purpose of safety, customer/contractor satisfaction, or thought of percentage completed. Any alteration to this contract from its original shall become void and Electrical Contractors initial contract version shall be deemed legally agreed upon. Owner agrees to sign and record a notice of completion within five days after the project is complete and ready for occupancy. If the project passes final inspection by the public body but owner fails to report the notice of completion, then the owner hereby appoints the contractor as the owner’s agent to sign and record a notice of completion on behalf of the owner. In the event the owner occupies the project or any part thereof before the contractor has received all payments due under the contract, this constitutes full acceptance of all the contractors work by the owner and the owner agrees such occupancy shall be a waiver of any and all claims against the contractor.

Payment schedules to Oran’s Electric are made for ease to complete contract and the balance will be due in full when work listed in contract is completed. By signing, customer approved the start of work and must have payment on site. Non-permitted jobs are balance upon completion to be on site. Permitted jobs are balance upon completion to be on site unless customer requested to hold ten percent until the permits is finalized for the electrical section only (if other trades apply to same permit). If materials are delivered and work has not commenced, an additional 50 percent is required upon delivery regardless of installation and operation. 90 percent of all permitted portions of the contract work are due upon completion, or any part put into service of permitted equipment only. If permits are elected, 10 percent of permitted portions of equipment may be held, if retention pending city inspection, as long as the corrections is part of Oran’s Electric portion of work. All payments must be cleared (including bounced or reversed payments) or a $25.00 fee will be assessed to the bill and any discount applied may be removed. A bill pay must be completed by the net date on invoice with a max of 30 days per contract. A late fee of 20% monthly or the maximum allowed by law may be assessed to the bill if not received. Any discount applied to contract can be removed if 1. Customer removes quantity from scope of work, 2. Discount no longer applies to service, 3. Payment is not made by deadline.

General construction builders and/or contractors hiring Oran’s Electric are allowed to have the customer sign on their behalf. By allowing the customer to sign, the customer agrees to enforce the guidelines set forth by this form and will be collectively responsible for having payments made to Oran’s Electric if contractors are unable to perform payment schedules. All materials will be property of Oran’s Electric and all fees will apply. Contractors and customers provide signature for all future projects to fall under the same terms and conditions. By providing a signed work order, customers agree that all future work will follow the same agreement terms if future work is done and a work order has not been signed yet. Not all work orders will require a signature as “good faith” to commence scope of work. Completion signature means that the price was agreed as per our standard, the work was performed per quality standards, and the customer and/or contractor is completely satisfied.

Contractor shall have the right to stop work if any payment is not made, when due, to the contractor under this agreement. Contractor may keep the job idle until all payments due are received. Such failure to make payment, when do, is a material breach of this agreement. Contractor will remove from Owner’s property debris and surplus material created by his operation and leaving it a neat and broom clean condition. No action or any other character arising from or related to this contract or performance thereof shall be commenced by either party against the other for more than two years after completion or cessation of work under this contract. In case one or more of the provisions of this agreement or any application thereof shall be invalid, unenforceable or illegal, validity, enforceable and legality of the remaining provisions and any other applications shall not in any way be impaired thereby. Any damages for which contractor maybe liable to Owner shall not, in any event, exceed the cash price of this contract.

Thank you for the opportunity to service this job and for considering Oran’s Electric for your electrical needs. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our office. By signing or allowing/authorizing us to start the scope of work, this means you have read the customer acceptance, estimate, and payment schedule and agree to the terms and conditions set forth and are either the customer named and/or acting for the customer as his/her agent. This order upon its execution shall become contract as identified above.

Customer Completion

All material is guaranteed to be as specified, and the described work was performed in accordance with out agreement and/or proposal, the drawings and/or specifications provided for the work described and agreed upon, and was completed in a substantial workmanlike manner.

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